Friday, May 20, 2011

Another Keenan Post

God damn it. This is not working. And you can tell I'm really stressed out because when I am I cuss. Not a lot but just a few words.

I went to my dearest red-tie-guy's school's sport's banquet looking like a f***ing champion. (if you haven't figured this out already my sisters go to the same school as him and that's why I was there... Sort of.)

Okay, so I really went there because I was hoping to God that he would wear a red tie. I don't know what it is about that but seriously I felt like if he wore one that would be a confirmation that we were soul mates.

I am so glad he didn't notice me before I saw him cause guess what. He was wearing a tie. A RED ONE.
I'm pretty sure I started hyperventilating. And I know I went into cardiac arrest. Then I fainted. Died. Saw God and fainted again from his sheer awesomeness. And landed myself back on Earth. (This happened a sum of 52.386 times.) then stared at Keenan and trying to gain some semblance of compsure.

Yeah Guys. I seriously DIED. So I guess I'm a zombie now...

But anyways, as soon as I saw him again it was like a movie montage..
We get married. Have loadsssssssss of kids. Grow old together. And die in the same bed at the same time like in the Notebook. (The movie, in the book Noah doesn't even die..)

This is how I pictured us at the banquet. We lock eyes, he walks over and talks to me until is starts. He talks to me while it goes. He talks to me after it's over. He asks for my number. He talks to me all through the night. And basically for the rest of my life.

This is how it really went.

                                                                                                  1.) He talks to his friends.

<- me. (As a small asian baby crying)

                                                                             2.) He watches the awards.

<-Me sobbing from his sheer beauty)

3.) He says waves and says something I didn't understand.
<- Me slamming my head into things from 

4.) I have to go home.

I don't know what it is about that boy, I know his looks may have some to do with it but it'd not the majority. I think it may be his eyes. It's like you can see his whole personality in them and the fact that he is the happiest guy in the world and you just want to share it with him. <-freaking embarassing but I'm not erasing it. Okay, I think it's all out of my system. But this is a serious SOS. I think I would still like Keenan even if he looked like this guy as long as he still had his eyes.
Maybe not that guy... But yeah.

See ya,

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  1. This might be the reason I keep you around, love.