Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Poem That I Wrote (Not from personal experience)

Six words

The girl hears her phone,
 and sees the boy's name,
 on the bright screen,
 in the cold dark,
 the girl gets goose bumps,
 though she knows it's over,
 the girl still has hope,
 that the boy will accept her,
 the girl doesn't want to do it alone,
 she needs him.
 It's a message,
 from the girl's true love,
 the one who has all of her,
 it has six words,
that mean more to her than anything,
 six words which are better,
 than the usual three,
 the girl cries tears,
 tears of joy,
 from those six words,
 the girl feels safe.
  She sleeps,
  and dreams of life.
  Life created.
 The girl hears her phone,
 and sees a name,
in the sweet morning light,
not the boy's name,
 and the girl gets goose bumps,
 something's wrong.
It's a message,
from the boy's mom,
the words are frightening,
"Please come over",
"We need to talk".
The girl drives over,
 to the place the boy calls home,
confusion enveloping her,
the girl leaves her car,
her safe haven.
The boy's mom opens the door,
and she studies his mom's face.
The boy looks just like her,
sweet green eyes,
and sandy hair.
Then she sees the tears,
and the fears come rushing back.
There was an accident,
'He is gone",
the boy's mom chokes out,
before she breaks down.
"Nooooooo!" the girl screams,
before she blacks out.
When the girl wakes up,
she feels her own mom,
stroking her hair,
she begins whispering gibberish,
about a drunk man,
and a car,
and a boy,
the boy,
Her boy.
The boy she knows,
the boy she loves,
The boy who is gone.
Gone from her life,
She thinks back,
To those six words,
it was only last night,
the night he died,
The message he sent,
bring tears to her eyes,
"I love you, and our baby," It said.

Note: I don't know where this came from because I don't know anybody who has had that actually happen to them. But I am just so poetic right?(;

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